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Montex Productions has been making good events better for over 10 years!  It can make your event better too!


Montex Productions has been making good events better for over 10 years!  It can make your event better too!



O what an Opportunity !
  • Nationally Recognized - - - Award winning livestock & acclaimed rodeo stock producer !  Not only do you get the experience and knowledge of 40 years in the stock contracting business you also get the results of 40 years in stock producing that is acclaimed nationally by the National Finals Rodeo and Professional Bull Riders Finals.  You get the same stock that is seen on TV and the sky is the limit for press releases, local promotions, and community involvement whereas you are bringing some of the best livestock alive to your event. 

  • Committment & Cooperation to your event - - - Your success is David Bailey Pro Rodeo's success.  If you aren't satisfied then we aren't satisfied.  Remember as the saying goes; "It's your barbeque and it tastes good!"  David Bailey himself and staff work hand in hand with the you, the prca administration, the pro officials during the event to achieve the necessary desired results. We're happy to be on hand making your event a community wide and personal success however we can.

  • Competent Professional Staff & Crew - - - David Bailey Pro Rodeo has knowledgable personnel that goes, knows and understands the challenges of setting up and executing pro rodeos before, during and after the event is over.  From the Secretary and Timers, Pickup Men, to the crew in the back they are all working for you with professionalism and dedication.

  • Cost Effective - - - In today's competitive and growing market of stock contractors, it is reassuring to know you are not sacraficing quality of livestock, personnel, or production for the cost of a reasonable stock contractor.  Feel confident that you can have the top quality livestock, the top quality cowboys competing, and the top quality production you want for a price you and your committee can afford.

  • Make more money! - - - Now that the pieces are put together you can have proven quality livestock, experienced personnel, the top prca cowboys, and your sponsors, press and ticket buyers will be looking forward to the event at less of a cost then you thought!