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David F. Bailey


About David Bailey

David Bailey Ranch Rodeo & Livestock - Bailey Ranch Oklahoma.

David Started raising bucking bulls as a young man by picking up F1 crosses at the family owned stock yards in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
He cut his teeth in the cattle business.  He was, and still is today, a cattleman but had the knack and passion to breed bulls for the purpose of bucking.  That is a prolific statement considering the gratification he was achieving was high on pride and low on financial or residual income which is in stark contrast to the bull breeding business that has become today.

A turning point in his program was the purchase of DX10 Chainsaw.  A muley bull with more heart then brawn.  That was the appeal, of course.
From Chainsaw spawned a whole history of legendary bulls with the most notable being Playboy and Polecat. 

Tar Baby was also an outstanding herd sire and he was the prized sire of award winning Gunslinger and his proven genetic line. 

Both Chainsaw and Tar Baby made significant contributions to the bucking bull breeding business of today.  The proof of their strong breeding ability is proof here on the ranch with Super Cool being a double bred Chainsaw by Playboy over a Polecat cow and Lucky Strike by Gunslinger over a Playboy cow.

With all that said, it is not a proven fact as of today, but maybe in the future, what the financial impact Bailey bred bulls and cows have had on the industry.  It is known that there are a significant number of firsts that have set several benchmarks within the industry starting with the six figure sale received from a Playboy flush, There's the back to back Bucking bull of the NFR, with 2 different bulls, within a 5 year period of time, which has never been done, to winning Bucking Bull of the Finals at all three of the Bull Riding Finals held in Las Vegas in 2006 with 2 different bulls.  An incredible achievement in light of the tremendous bulls available nationwide.

David contributed livestock to the Bob Tallman's Rodeo Stock Registry that went on to be the American Bucking Bull Incorporated  and he contributed the money necessary for his son to be one of the original share holders for the now Professional Bull Riders Association.  David knew and understood the value of his livestock and the rodeo production business he was in before it evolved to the international phenom that it is now.  He had the vision and the foresight to take chances on his livestock and on people and is frankly apart of Bull breeding, Bull riding, and Rodeo history.

Although the bull breeding is impressive, Bailey Rodeo is a rodeo stock producer.  Unlike the individual bull business, there is that added element of operating an entire rodeo company.